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Blue Ocean Strategy

The magic formula for business development is to choose a set of simple effective marketing and sales tactics, or "things to do", and then do them on a consistent basis. Focused efforts require clear Goals and selected Strategies that can take you there. Reserach confirms there are no permanently excellent companies or industires. To improve results, you must study what made a positive difference in the past and strive to replicate it systematically.

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Managing Coronavirus

Winston Churchill once observed, "When the situation was manageable it was neglected. Now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply too late the remedies which might have effected a cure. We lack foresight, have an unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, and lack clear thinking."

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Dealing With Disruption

Events seldom proceed exactly as planned. Disruptions occur. Examples? The Covid-19 Pandemic, the 'People' vs. the 'Elites', China's "shashoujian" weapons and decoupling from Western countries. With little effort, the belligerent can produce great effects. Strategies require long term thinking. Tactics are meant to produce immediate results on the road to a goal.

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