Transportation Equipment Finance

We arrange tax structured financing and documenting of financial transactions for lessors and lessees of rail and aircraft transportation equipment. As companies rebalance their exposures we encourage debt to think like equity. Through our contacts in the operating lease industry we are also able to suggest opportunities to reposition equipment. In the past, we've participated in creating a denovo operating lease company for a major equipment manufacturer whose goal was to maintain a level base load demand for the manufacturer's product. We've also played a significant role in growing one of the largest rail operating lessor's portfolio through originating the acquisition of multiple equipment portfolio acquisitions. To review a sampling of transactions we have participated in or a recent Shippers Presentation place your mouse over the text below and then Click your mouse and select "Save Link" or "Save Target As" depending on your browser.

A Sampling of our Work

Shippers Advisory Board Presentation "Back to Basics"

Shippers Advisory Board Presentation "A Framework for Contract Review"