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ACCT 514-01 Financial Statement Fraud - Fall 2020

October 19 Week One: Course Introduction, Syllabus, Albrecht Chapter 11, Enron, Fraser Chapters 1 and 2 - Check Canvas!

October 26 Week Two: Crazy Eddie, Enron, Chapter 11 Essay Quiz - Check Canvas!

For Week Two: Enron 2000 Annual Report

November 2 Week Three: Revenue and Inventory Frauds

November 9 Week Four: Sunbeam, Rite Aid, ZZZBest and Quiz 2

November 16 Week Five: Albrecht Chapter 13 - Liability, Asset and Inadequate Disclosure and Fraser Chapter 5 - Analysis of Financial Statements

November 23 Week Six: Quiz 3 - Albrecht Chapter 13 - Thibodeau Case Book: Baptist Foundation

November 30 Week Seven: Public Company Fraud Case Study

For additional course information contact Paul Lechner, Esq., CPA at 708.460.6686