Upcoming Events

We regularly present at or sponsor client events and/or continuing education seminars. Also, on the last Friday of every month we have an in house "Brown Bag Lunch." Bring your own brown bag lunch and your questions for a no charge session addressing your business or personal issues. Attendance is limited at these one hour month end sessions so you MUST reserve your seat in advance and let us know what legal issue you would like discussed. For more information about any session, please contact Paul Lechner, Esq., CPA at 708.460.6686

Date Event Description Location Contact
Fall 2020 Strategic Management Acctg GSU: September 3 to December 10, 2020 Paul Lechner
Fall 2020 Financial Statement Fraud SXU at CPD: October 21 to December 9, 2020 Paul Lechner
Spring 2021 Advanced Accounting Governors State University: January 20 to May 3, 2021 Paul Lechner
Spring 2021 Financial Statement Analysis Governors State University: January 25 to May 3, 2021 Paul Lechner
Spring I 2021 Tax Topics Saint Xavier University: January 13 to March 7, 2021 Paul Lechner