Spring Training!     
Most teams train in Florida or Arizona. Based on their geographic location Eastern teams train in the 'Grapefruit League', and Western teams in the 'Cactus League'. Exceptions include the Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, and the two Chicago based teams - all training in Arizona. 
Players are enjoying the warm weather locations, the drills, practice games, and instruction in the fundamentals of bunting, sliding and hitting. It's done with unmistakable joy. It's like the arrival of a weekend vacation after a long work week; or, a Saturday afternoon with thoughts turned to Saturday evening. And, it leads to the climax of opening day! 
What is there to learn from this ritual? The last time you went out to dinner, what initially caused you to think about it? A desire to satisfy hunger, socialize with friends, celebrate a special occasion, sign a business deal, or develop a romance? You started planning your actions as your desire turned into an inclination. Your intentions automatically triggered your planning process. 
You do this naturally as your mind goes through five steps to accomplish any task or reach any goal: 1) Identifying the purpose and asking the 'why' question: "Why is this task or goal important?" 2) Clearly visioning in your mind's eye the desired outcome, 3) Brainstorming strategies and tactics, 4) Identifying and executing the best daily activities needed, and 5) Tracking, controlling, coaching, and remaining persistent until you achieve results. 
Think about this. When you execute activities and track results, results will start appearing. It's a simple and intuitive method, but its application requires effort. Here's the problem. Most people want instant results. The legendary Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi put it best when he said, "The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must all pay for our successes." 
Do yourself a favor and cultivate the habit of being a hard worker. In the end, the person who works the hardest will always get results. There are no shortcuts. 
Success in life, and in business, is about following the right behaviors. Positive behaviors improve attitudes, which in turn affect your beliefs about yourself. You need to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone. It was Michelangelo who said "The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." 
All the knowledge in the world is useless if you can't put yourself into a position to apply it. What can you do? Harness the power of your natural planning ability. Get started! Choose to be all you can be. 
Being proactive is the best way. Some say the future cannot be predicted. I say, "The way to predict your future is to create it."      
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